How to restore a route and GET-parameters by their URL pattern?

I wonder whether Yii has some API methods to restore an original route with GET-parameters by their pattern.

For instance, let’s suppose I have the following configuration of URL manager (rule is taken from here as an example):







According to this rule [font="Lucida Console"]/post/5[/font] maps to route [font="Lucida Console"]post/read[/font] and GET-parameter [font="Lucida Console"]id=5[/font]. Is it possible to restore this route as a string variable and GET-parameter as an array like they are passed to [font="Lucida Console"]Yii::app()->createUrl(…)[/font] or to corresponding method of a controller having [font="Lucida Console"]/post/5[/font] as an argument?

It would be also great if controller’s and action’s ids of a route could be retrieved without parsing a route by myself.