How to rename the root directory?

Maybe this is a stupid question, anyway:

I run a Yii application "blog" under MAMP. The root directory "blog" was build by YIIC and is located in the htdocs folder of MAMP, so the application is accessible under


If i rename the root directory from "blog" to "blogs", i assume to get it in the browser under


But if i try, I only get a page with the source code





A search for "blog" within all files of the applications does not bring any result, so I don´t know where I have what to change in order to bring the application to work with the modified root directory name. Maybe this has somethong to do with the Yii assets manager?

Server virtual config? Does it respond to this url?


The only thing in the Yii app that may need to be changed should be the relative path to the framework (in the start script index.php).

(I don’t know details about MAMP)


no, it does not, but now I realized that I just have to restart the server in order to get the new root working as assumed. don´t know why, but it works :)