How To Register User From Another Controller


My user management system is working fine.

I have created a User model class and CRUD functionality by using Gii, and it is working fine.

Now I am kind a lost here, I want to save some information to User table from another controller.

In my TestController.php, I have a method testMethod() from which I want to save information to User table.

class TestController extends Controller


   public function testMethod()


      $firstName = 'abc';

      $lastName = 'xyz';

      $email = '';

      // save it to User's table in database


I have checked the UserController.php class, but it simply calls the save() method.

How can I save user from above method?

Thanks in advance.

save is a method of User (inheriting from CActiveRecord) - so, create a new instance of User, initialize the variables you have defined, and use the power of activerecord to save it to the db ($user->save()).

$user = new User;

$user->firstName = $firstName;

$user->lastName = $lastName;

$user->email = $email;