How To Register Jquery-Ui Before Bootstrap.js

First of all I would like to thank to the community for great tool that Yii is. We are quite advanced with new application but from scratch we face the following problem which remains unsolved.

My bootstrap is from Yii Booster and is loaded as Yii component. I am using "abound" theme and if i try to add jquery-ui in theme main.php it is allways registered AFTER bootstrap.js and that order of loaded libs generates conflict - bootstrap widgets do not work.

I’ve been trying to solve that issue for a long time. Unfortunately that thread had been discussed many times but all solutions of conflict between jquery-ui and bootstrap lead to one simple advice: Register jquery-ui before bootstrap.js. But my problem is that I can’t register them in such order. Would anyone be so kind telling how to do that step by step please?

Any simple solution found on the forum failed. What am I doing wrong????

Any help really appreciated and welcomed:)