How to redirect all params to a different action?

I am in the controller using ‘details’ action.

I also got some parameters in the request.

I would like to redirect to another action AND passing all the parameters to it.

if i understand your problem, juste call your other action

actionFunctionA() {



actionFunctionB() {


This is not good, as the action is kept in the browser, and will cause problems when the user refreshes the page. The code will be executed each time, I need to redirect after I’ve processed the task.

ok try this

	$chaine = "&";

	foreach($_REQUEST as $key=>$value) {


		$chaine .= $key."=".$value."&";



more Yiiish perhaps others will use it…

$tab = array();

$tab[] = "commande/update";

foreach($_REQUEST as $key=>$value) {


$tab[$key] = $value;



Is not possible to do a redirect and post variable, you can use only get.

If you want to resend all get parameter, you can create the url like that:

$this->redirect(array('action', $_GET));

That will pass all get variables to the action. If you have some parameter that you don’t want to pass, do unset:


If you want to pass more parameters, set them:


As you are going to redirect, don’t be afraid of touching the $_GET array.

Thanks zaccaria.

Need use merge.

$this->redirect(array_merge(array('action'), $_GET));