How to redeply Yii on Server


I’ve read the topic about ‘Asset’ folder and understand what it is use for and how to it work!

In asset folder, it is just a temporary folder to contains CSS, Image, JS files and it will auto generate when we run Yii.

Yep, it seem right with localhost, but when I put it on to server. There are somethings wrong with my ‘Asset’ folder in server. I’ve used firebug and saw the css files which it references to still hold the old path as I use in localhost before. Although I’ve tried to remove all sub-files under ‘Asset’ folder.

How can I let Yii know to reference to the new CSS and JS files?

If you haven’t manually coded a path to the assets folder… I don’t see how would you get a reference to the old path…

as for the server… just delete all the content of the assets folder…

Hi Mdomba,

Can you explain to me, how the file "jquery.yiigridview.js" (../assets/47903976/gridview/jquery.yiigridview.js) builded?

Because in my localhost this file automatically to be generated. But in my server host (Linux), it can not generate this file. Why?

This file is part of the CGridView located in the framework folder under "framework/zii/widgets/assets/gridview"

When you use CGridView it should be copied to the assets folder… but if it does not happen… first thing is to check the permissions of the assets folder… it should be writable by the web process…