How To Receive And Process Form Value From Other Website?


I am facing trouble to receive and process form value which sent to my webpage using post method. When I submit my form to outside URL then its successfully passed form value but then acknowledgement form not able to passed form value to redirecting URL(my website). I have tested my redirecting URL and its working but failed to back with form value.

I think, you all have great idea about this issue. Hope will find an excellent solution soon.

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Can you show some example code for what you’re trying to do? It wasn’t clear from your description.

If you’re trying to redirect a request directly, then POST data won’t be preserved.

If you’re trying to submit a separate request from another server, it may be getting blocked by your CSRF protection if you have this enabled.


Thanks for quick reply. The scenario is: after successful transaction then payment gateway post data to redirect URL and I want to catch all posted data and then process them on my way. I am working with Realex Payment Redirect method.

This issue arise when I am trying to solve using Yii. But without using Yii I can able to receive and process all posted data.

code format i.e.

$message = $_POST['MESSAGE'];

$authcode = $_POST['AUTHCODE'];

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This issue was solved using formal PHP code. There was no problem with form submission using PHP POST method. Problem was setup redirect URL with prefix http:// . If online payment gateway provider set redirect URL with http:// in prefix then script will work nicely.



		$timestamp = $_POST['TIMESTAMP'];

		$result = $_POST['RESULT'];


I hope we will aware about that type of unwanted issue in future.

Thanks for reply.

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I think you could use query string :