How to quickly search Yii 2.0 Class Reference

Yii2 Class Reference seems very weak to me in terms of quickly searching or browsing it.

Class Reference for Yii1 exposes normal GET requests, so I can use URLs like:

to do a genuine, quick and efficient API / Class Refernce search. And find, what I’m looking for.

Can I do this with Yii2 Class Reference? If yes – then how should I form URL?

It seems to be exposing its search mechanism only through AJAX and limit it to only search box in Guide itself. That isn’t very comportable and forces me to open guide each time, enter what I’m looking for to the box and then click on results list.

This method is not only slow and very uncomfortable, but it also fails completely on returning good quality results for Class Reference itself. For example, entering enableStrictParsing to search box returns only two, pretty useless, results of "Routing and URL Creation" and "Debug toolbar and debugger" pages in Guide. There is no way to quickly and directly access this URL:$enableStrictParsing-detail

Which is exactly, what I was looking for, when typing enableStrictParsing and which is exactly, what I would get, if I would be searching this or another term in Yii1 documentation.

We’re preparing new website where it could be addressed.

Could be or will be addressed? :>

Will be.