How To Put Table In Homepage

Hi all.

first i am new in YII-FW and i really dont i have any idea how YII-FW works. but i know little bit php coding both OOP and procedural concept. but somehow i want doing correct works with YEE-FW like PRO and my question is how to put a table like image below in homepage. which file should i need to work.edit? and how to connect DB and which file should i work?

please help and guid me.


Welcome jayson to Yii :)

Yii is a framework based on MVC model

So, you have to put code in specific view file in protected/views/site

for more details see

to connect with database modify the protected/config/main.php file as described here

what exactly you mean "table like image" ?

Okay, Thanks for your reply and i take a look it. and sorry for the image, since i am new in this forum. i cant allowed to link any url.

Thanks by the way.