How to prevent the default yii2 bootstrap4 css from loading

I am working with my own custom bootstrap 4 css for my theme which I don’t want overridden with yii2 bootstrap4. It’s worked so far with Yii2 widgets, but when I use Kartik widget I am unable to prevent the css even though I am following the directions on their website. Well at least I think I am. I am using PHP 7.2.25 and Yii 2.0.34. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

My asset bundle for my theme looks like this:
public $css = [
public $js = [
public $depends = [

My common/config/params.php has the following properties
$params = [
‘bsVersion’ => ‘4.x’, // this will set globally bsVersion to Bootstrap 4.x for all Krajee Extensions
‘bsDependencyEnabled’ => false, // this will not load Bootstrap CSS and JS for all Krajee extensions

When I view my page source code I can see two boostrap.css files being loaded.

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very late but may useful…
in components config, you can determine which file load in the asset. for example, you can determine minify of js or css file load (tested!):

'components' => [
    	'assetManager' => [
    		'class' => 'yii\web\AssetManager',
    		'bundles' => [
    			'yii\bootstrap\BootstrapAsset' => [
    				'css' => [
    					YII_ENV !== 'prod' ? 'css/bootstrap.css' : 'css/bootstrap.min.css',