How To Personalize Bootstrap Tbherounit Widget?

how can you personalize the bootstrap widget TbHeroUnit?

it uses a class that is in the bootstratmin css file.

if I want to change the background color, font size , etc.

how can I do this? can I add that in the htmlOptions and it will override it?

I tried and nothing seemed to work… maybe my syntax was off

trying to find examples online but can’t seem to find any.

any tips on how to do this would be great


What extension are you using? Post your code too so we can see if you’re missing something.

using the bootsrap extension

here’s the code I’m playing with…pretty simple





         echo "some text that goes in the box";


I was looking at the code for that widget and it says this

	if (isset($this->htmlOptions['class'])) {

			$this->htmlOptions['class'] .= ' hero-unit';

		} else {

			$this->htmlOptions['class'] = 'hero-unit';


so I added another class in the htmlOptions when I call the widget but it does not override the parameters set by the main hero-unit class.


I forgot to add the !important line in my css!