How To Pass Parameters To Event Handlers In Yii?

I have impressed the flexibility of Yii events. I am new to Yii and I want to know how to pass parameters to Yii event handlers?

//i have onLogin event defined in the login model

public function onLogin($event)


  $this->raiseEvent("onLogin", $event);


I have login handler defined in Handler class. this event handler method takes a parameter

function loginHandler($param1)




Here I am confuse HOW do I pass parameter to the login event handler?

//i attach login handler like this.

$loginModel->onLogin = array("handlers", "loginHandler");

$e = new CEvent($this);


Am I doing something wrong above? Is there another approach to do so? Thanks in advance.


You can use Cvent param property.

$e = new CEvent($this, array('param1'=>'the value'));

You also have the sender property.