How To Override Packages For Jquery-Ui?

Some times ago I upgrade my jquery version, and all that I’ve done is override ‘packages’ in main.php

'jquery' => array(

    'basePath' => "application.vendor.jquery",

    'js' => array('jquery-1.11.1.min.js'),

    'coreScriptPosition' => CClientScript::POS_HEAD,


when I read source of html page, i see MY version of jquery is loaded. ok.

Now I want to upgrade jquery-ui

'jquery.ui' => array(

    'basePath' => "application.vendor.jquery-ui.ui",

    'js' => array('min/jquery-ui.min.js'),

    'i18nScriptFile' => 'i18n/jquery-ui-i18n.min.js',

    'coreScriptPosition' => CClientScript::POS_HEAD,

    'depends' => array('jquery'),


But yii go on using v1.9.2

I’ve already deleted assets/*

Did you find a solution to this? I am experiencing the same problem.