How To Open A File (Pdf Or Text Or Ms Word Doc) From View?

I had no trouble uploading files and storing them in the db, but I am struggling with something simple.

I have a field in a table that represents a filename. I want to store some files on the file system and make

them available to open and view (pdf primarily) from a view form.

In my view I have a link.




			'value'=>($model->reportfile !== null)?CHtml::link($model->reportfile, array('/files/'.$model->reportfile)).' ':'n/a',



This gives me a view with a link to "http://localhost/q1/index.php?r=files/MyReport.pdf"

when infact I need to just link to /var/www/files/MyReport.pdf

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for any help, I feel braindead today!