How To Only Load Extension For Admin User?

I am using the extension ext.yii-debug-toolbar.YiiDebugToolbarRoute and currently loading it in the components section of main config with this:

'log' => array(

	'class' => 'CLogRouter',

	'routes' => array(


		    'class' => 'ext.yii-debug-toolbar.YiiDebugToolbarRoute',

		    'ipFilters' => array('','::1')




Instead of using ipFilters, I’d ideally like to use an expression like the following to limit access to the admin user (note that I use this same expression in my admin controllers):

'expression' => '$user->isAdmin()'

The admin user can log in from various IP addresses and I can’t keep these IPs hard-coded in the code. Is it possible to use an expression to filter instead of IP? If not, is it possible to remove the extension autoloading from the config and dynamically load it elsewhere if the user is admin?

you might need to modify the ext itself.