How to move our ERP – EduSec college management System from Yii framework version 1.1.9 to Yii 2.

Hello Community Members,

We have developed our ERP name EduSec in Yii version 1.1.9. Currenty, It is working smoothly on multiple colleges. Now we want to upgrade our ERP framework to Yii 2. We have use ActiveRecord class methods (like findByPk, findByAttributes and findAll etc. ) and Query Builder (DAO) every where in our application. So now recently we are trying to test our application on Yii 2 framwork, but nothing working properly in our application. Nothing working from existing ActiveRecord Class or Query Builder. We are facing many problems in our ERP.

We need suggestion from community, is there any way to run our whole application with Yii 2 framework with required modification or Must have create whole application from scratch to move in Yii 2?

Thanks in Advance.

There’s no backwards compatibitly with 1.1. You can’t just upgrade w/o changing code quite a lot.