how to modify an existing app (add more models)

I wonder how we can add models to an existing application.

I try to run "Yiic Shell" to add more models to an existing application but the system says I cannot re-declare class Yii in yii.php on line 29.

So the only way to expand an existing app is to use copy and paste or write raw php scripts?

Strange, i do "yiic shell pathtoapp/index.php" whenever i want to add new models and cruds, and that's the way it works

You should be able to do this too…

Is your application using 'yiilite.php'? If yes, replace it with 'yii.php'.

The initial app was replaced with Yii 1.04. I changed the route in the entry file, now it works. Seems strange.

Anyway, at least it works for now.