How to match a url path route with UTF8 chars in it (cyrillic)

I want to match a path that could have UTF8 chars in it - cyrillic chars in fact. Usually I would approach this using the “u” modifier but as far as I could tell by going through the code of CUrlManager in 1.1.8 there is no way to supply modifiers for the route regular expressions, so I would really appreciate if you give me an idea on how to solve this. I’m sure that some of you guys here have had such an issue.

Thank you,


not sure where is the problem, for example you have ‘главная’ => ‘site/index’

it should work… not ?

I’m almost sure I tried it before


    'почетна' => 'site/index',

    'контакт/<p:(.*)>' => 'site/contact',

    'контакт' => 'site/contact',


<?php echo CHtml::link('Contact', array('site/contact')); ?><br />

<?php echo CHtml::link('First Contact', array('site/contact', 'p' => 'први-контакт')); ?><br />

<?php echo CHtml::link('Second Contact', array('site/contact', 'p' => 'други-контакт')); ?>

This should work.