How To Manually Register The Assets For Cgridview

Can someone help a newbie on how to manually register the assets needed to run CGridView. I do not want to have Yii include the assets as by default as this creates conflicts with other ajax elements on the page. So I want to see a way how to manually include all assets.

thanks in advance


check this related wiki,

Thanks. I have a bigger problem. I have CJuiTabs (loading tabs via ajax) and in one of the tabs I load CGridView. There are a few problems with this design. If you switch between tabs for like 5 times and then switch to the tab containing CGridView and click on a delete button you have to press OK 6 times before the record is deleted. There are other problems such as as soon as you click on the tab with CGridView in it jquery and jquery-ui is loaded which breaks other js code. So I was searching for a nice solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

It seems that javascript is loaded as times as you click to another tabs.

How load the javascript files ? You have to load only one time for each http request