How to make TripAdvisor's Ajax Search

Hi all,

I was trying to figure out how to make this kind of search:


In left sidebar it has all attributes to apply, at the top more attributes to filter and updates via ajax the result.

I’m trying to figure how could this architecture could be achieve, speaking of MVC and DB Schema.

It would requiere to create more tables to specify which attributes can be listed there?

And, what about security passing real attribute’s name via $_GET?

I need to know how to begin develop something like that.

Tips and tricks and tutorials references are very welcome,

Thanks in advance.

I think, on Ajax Call, all the attributes or data elements which are bind to the search function are updated.

If you observer, whole of the page get updates with each Ajax call.

What I can understand is that, when some value on any element is change whole page section is updated. I means to say, use renderPartial to get what is going to be happening there.

That’s great Perochak,

I will try to do a test concept with little attributes and then begin to develop the real case.

Do you think that it is a security risk to publish column’s name in GET or Ajax object, that could be seen by everybody?

I don’t think so.

Mostly we use the Software tools and we know each bit of it including database structure to lines of code.

Security is How to get the user data and process it.

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