How to make output chart in pdf

Hello guys i want to ask, how to make report chart as pdf. I have chart, report and i want to make it as pdf. Do you have suggestion?


I don’t know if this is the ‘correct’ way to do it, but I’m using a PHP library that I found called ‘wkhtmltopdf’ you just have to install it on ur server and you can print webpages in that way, of course you will need to create your ‘printer.php’ and send it some values like ‘url’ and size, that’s up to you.

wkhtmltopdf is a really good tool for sure! :)

Thanks, can wkhtmltopdf be installed with yii without separate ?


you can also use html2pdf

Here is a link:

Or if you want to build the pdfs yourself fpdf (which is quite old, but

for me still usefull). Here:

And you can also check TcPdf library, it have some functions to convert html directly into pdf.

Thanks friends, i have solved my problem, billion Thanks :)