How to make multiple views map to one action?

At multiple places on several pages, I’d like to provide login functions. For example:

  1. at the header bar

  2. in the center of landing page

  3. in right column on public content page.

  4. some other pop up windows.

They all need to invoke the loginAction() of the Users controler with the Users model. But the MVC model by default only maps loginAction() to one view - login.php. what shall I do to make loginAction() available to multiple views?

I think the solution must be very easy and standard, since I saw this feature on many website.

Thank you!


I guess the challenge here is to map one action to multiple views, if it’s the right solution the fore mentioned requirement.

Please let me know your thought.

Like I said before in your other post, the solution is to use widgets

Hi Gustavo,

Thanks for replying my question again:) The reason I asked again is because I don’t understand the previous answers very well, maybe due to my limited experience about Yii and what is the widget(e.g.: XLoginPortlet). This issue keeps bothering me.

I just hope the widget designers can provide a screenshot of widgets in action, so that I can understand what it is… maybe this wish is silly… I don’t know~