How to make local running yii2 CRUD application available online?

I have developed Yii2 CRUD application using models, controllers and views. It is used locally on PC. I wanted the users to use it online. For eg. I have and I wanted to make this yii2 CRUD application available on this site. What are the steps?

Upload the project directory to your web server and point the directory root to it. For instance, if you are using Yii2 basic and have a directory called in your home directory "/home/". Assuming you have an Apache web server this will require you to have access to httpd.conf or httpd-vhosts.conf files (or the equivalent, depending on your host) - depending on if you use a virutal host to have sub-domains.

Can you provide me the detailed steps.?

For eg:

Assume that the organization has domain registered for office emails eg:

We can only use this for Gmail purpose.

Now I have yii2 CRUD application local on my laptop.

I wanted to make this application available for users that are accessing

For eg: by accessing

How to do that?

The domain is irrelevant.

FTP the Yii directory to your site.

Edit the [virtual] host file(s) to point to the ‘web’ directory.

I can’t walk you through how to edit your host files. It varies depending on your host provider and hosting type (shared, VPS, metal). You will need to look that up yourself.