How to make an active record behave like a CTypedList with other active records as list elements?

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I found a solution. It’s called ListBehavior, an ActiveRecordBehavior that makes ARs behave like CLists. The code is based on CList, open source, and available as a gist. Feel free to use it and edit it as you like.

Example usage:

$Deck = Deck::model()->findByPk(1); // Retrieve the deck

$Card = $Deck->removeAt(0); // draw the first card (and remove it from the deck)

$Deck->shuffle(); // shuffle the deck

$n = $Deck->count(); // get the number of remaining cards in the deck


The database records will reflect the new state of the deck, including the new order of the cards and that one card has been removed from the deck.

I think this might actually be useful for some people. I’m not an experienced programmer, though, so somebody else would need to turn this into a proper extension.