How to make ajax call in yii2?

i have the following code in yii1


	echo CHtml::ajaxLink('School', Yii::app()-&gt;createUrl( 'product/getproduct/cat/school'),

						    array('update' =&gt; '#desc')





[size=2]how can i convert it into yii2. here i have used ajax call i need to convert this into equivalent yii2 code [/size]

[size=2]thanks :)[/size]

There isn’t an ajaxlink anymore you have to do it the good old fashion way with a sprinkle of yii2.

 Html::a('School',FALSE, ['onclick'=>"


	type 	:'POST',

	url  :'product/getproduct/cat/school',

	success  : function(response) {



	});return false;",


This won’t work but I have no clue what your trying to do so all I can do is put a reference example. Ajust it accordingly

'onchange' => '$.post("index.php?r=controllername/actionname",

 function (data) {    $("#div").append();									


Thanks for the reply.