How To Make A Specific User Access His Contents Only

Im new to yii…and i dont know where to start this module…

How to make a specific user access his contents ONLY??

for example,

of course all users can access create page…when a specific user creates data…

after create…only this user can access its admin and view page?

please help me…

See this link for Role based access

What do you mean with “create Page”? It’s a physical data file or just a data entry in TEXT-Column of a database-table?

If you mean a physical file on the server, the piece of advice by RvR will be right. But if your target is a kind of Content-Management-System, you should add a column to your database-table to store the user_id. Than you can create a scope with param to select just the pages which the user has created.

ok thanks for this…:)