How To Make A Loginform With Database

Please help me… Give me step by step process on how to make a loginform with yii which is connected on my xampp phpmyadmin (mysql).

I installed and created already my sample web application… i named it testing

database name: test

table name: tbl_user



I WANT TO LEARN. Thanks :)

Well if you will download Yii framework folder from this link. then you will see a demo application folder also. in this you can check blog application. Where you can see a working example for login form.

Its a very easy and basic approach to start learning yii with this blog application code.

it will gives you a complete overview of yii application and coding.

Once you’ve done with that there is nothing to do here. Go to protected/config/main.php file and change database settings for your application and configure it with mysql database string. Then create tables in your mysql database table. and create models for it.

you can also get a default mysql dump file for blog application in demos/blog/protected/data folder.

Lets try to do some practice with it. You will be fine for sure after some time with it.

So, lets check blog demo app first for all your initial queries.

Hi codesutra. thanks for the info… I am now modifying and testing codes in blog demo

and as i go on… I learned how to login using my database. :)

Thank you again… :D :)

That’s great man ;)