How to make a breakpoint in my Controller?

Good day

I’m using xdebug & NetBeans 6.9.

I consider the standard example of Yii "testdrive" (Yii 1.1.5).

I have a very strange problem.

I do not work a breakpoint inside the method of the controller.

But the work breakpoint in index.php and any other files framework.

I did a search on this forum and found a single theme, which coincides with my problem. But the solutions in it I could not find.

Please tell me how to make a breakpoint in the method of fire controller?


I know you will not like this answer… but… I just tried it and it works for me…

My steps:

I put a breakpoint on the first line of SiteController->actionCreate()

$model=new ContactForm;

Ctrl+F5 - Debug Project

I get the index.php first line…

F5 - continue

Then I go to the explorer (FireFox) and click on contact…

Nothing happens in the browser… I need to switch to NetBeans, there I’m on the index.php first line

F5 continue

and voila… I’m on the first line of actionCreate() in SiteController… - the breakpoint.

Thanks for the reply, mdomba.

I agree that the issue of fixing the standard and it should work without difficulty. And I have debugging does not work.

I found the answer! Found a reason for not fire my breakpoint in SiteController->actionCreate().

Tell the structure of my work environment.

The projects are located in:


Apache is working with a folder:


And before you start Apache I perform an operation

mount -B /home/vladcode/www/ /var/www/localhost/vlad

And the server is running, open the page.

Solution to my problem:

Project in NetBeans refers to the files through the first path. If you put a breakpoint in the file is located:


Then the breakpoint will not work!

And if you open a file in NetBeans on the road:


and put a breakpoint, it will work!

Although both files (and the first and second) - the same in essence.

Why is NetBeans itself so I do not know.

But the question for me to allow debugging.

It remains only to recreate the project file in NetBeans with the new path.

Thank you all