How To Load Extensions & More From Somewhere Else?

Hello I have used yii for some small sites and like how it works so want to use it for a larger project but am unsure if its suitable for what I want to achieve.

Basically I want to use one core installation to drive multiple sites.


core/ (contains yii and all extensions I have ever made)

sites/<sitename>/protected (has all the standard folders in protected but can somehow call pre-made extensions in ‘core’ or create site specific new one for <sitename>)

sites/<sitename>/htdocs (css/layout/images etc)

This way when I update/improve an extension or component in core I dont have to do it for each individual site.

Is this possible with Yii/suitable? Or should I look to another FW or make my own? (trying to avoid making my own as I like a lot of the yii features.)

Yes it is! Take a look at this wiki article and at this and this sections of the Guide.

thank you :) I’ll have a read up on it :)