How to integrate PHPList with Yii?


I’m developing my first Yii-powered Application and i’m trying to include PHPList on my application backend, but without success.

Can anyone help me?

Sorry if the question is stupid and thanks for helping me out! :)

Any luck with this one. We are attempting the same. Any input will be appreciated.

You need to create a wrapper component. Visit the Extensions site and do a search for a wrapper such as PHPMailer or SwiftMailer. There are a number of wrappers on the Extensions site, so you could probably do a search for ‘wrapper’. Use these as examples for writing your own wrapper.

In the manual, there is a discussion about using the Zend framework’s Lucene search engine with Yii. It should help you.

If PHPList includes an __autoload() function or method (a method name beginning with two underscores), you need to temporarily disable Yii __autoload(), start PHPList, then when you close it you need to reinvoke the Yii __autoload(). The code mentioned above on the extension site should demonstrate how to do this.

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When adding external autoloaders, set Yii::$enableIncludePath to false

# index.php


Yii::$enableIncludePath = false; // <=



Were you able to figure this out? This is exactly what I’d like to do