how to install yii2 basic as yii2 advance

i need to install yii 2.0 basic, then copy and import yii 2.0 advance specifications like tow table in mysql, all models and controller. is that possible?

any other ways to do this? Thanks all.

I’m not sure what you mean by that, but I would do the following:

  1. Install the app-basic.
  2. Write and execute a migration to create ‘user’ table.
  3. Replace the User model of app-basic with that of app-advanced.
  4. Write ‘signup’, ‘request-reset-password’ and ‘reset-password’ actions if necessary.
  5. Create ‘admin’ module for the back-end pages.

With the source code of the app-advanced in your hand, it will not be so hard to do, I hope.:grinning:

I did as mentioned above, it is not too hard. You will have to watch for namespace declarations in the models,



namespace common\models;


namespace app\models;


Or generate new models with gii, and paste in the code borrowed from the advanced or any custom code you may have created.