How to Install PHPUnit & Selenium on MAMP (Mac OS X)

I had some issues getting PHPUnit and Selenium up and running on MAMP.

This is exactly what I’m looking for, but the link you provided is broken (does the 404 thing).

I recently began working on the examples in the Yii book. I am running MAMP with PHPUnit installed. How do I install the Selenium package to work with MAMP? Also, I read on the Selenium site that the new version (WebDriver) has replaced the "RC" version. It mentions that the API has changed and tests will require rewrite [see remote control to webdriver note link].

Where can I get the last release of the Selenium RC so I don’t run into problems?



Thanks for the reply. The code on the Selenium site is for pre 1.0 version. I finally found version 1.03. I tried to add the link but was not allowed since I just joined.

If anyone wants it search softpedia .

Now that I have the prog, how do I install it to work with MAMP?

Any ideas?


I’m using MAMP and phpunit doesn’t work too. The above link is broken and it’s the most referenced solution I’ve found in google.

Any ideas about make PHPUnit & Selenium works with MAMP?


I’ve solved this issue!

I’ve installed the ‘PHPUnit_Selenium’ package from PEAR and now everything works fine :)

The problem was that I’ve configured php to write errors in a log file and this way executing phpunit at commandline has no console echo.

I know that this doesn’t correlate 100% with what is being discussed but I use XAMPP on my mac and it works marvelously.

It is a lot simpler to develop with than if you download apache/mysql/php separately

I don’t have a link at the moment but if you google XAMPP for Mac, it’s the first result.