how to install apc & memcache on xampp ?


i’m using xampp for my web server and i wanna install apc & memcache extension on xampp

what should i do ? and is it important to install that extensions for using yii framework ?

sorry for my english :rolleyes:


memcache ,It is important only if you use cmemcache , apc for performance as I know.

Me I set up eaccelerator and as I saw my site where faster.


penny drops !

but how can i install apc & memcache on xampp ?

i’m using ubuntu 9.04 and xampp 1.7.1

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ok , tnx

i didn’t get my answer

but, can i use eaccelerator extension instead of apc for performance ?

if yes, how ?


Yes. Simply configure CEAcceleratorCache as your cache component in main.php.

is it enough to load eAccelerator PHP extension and below configuration ?










Yes, that should do it. That way you can easily change the cache technology just by using another component class. But actually i never used EAccelerator. Just give it a try…

(You shouldn’t need the path prefix ‘system.caching.’, ‘EAcceleratorCache’ is enough.)

tnx, guys :rolleyes:

Any idea where I can get a copy of CMemCache and CApcCache dlls?

I have googled to no avail…

These classes are part of Yii. They are pure PHP, no dll involved. What you are looking for is probably the PHP extensions for memcached (php_memcache.dll) and APC (php_apc.dll). Not sure if they come with XAMPP. Check the installation, maybe you just missed to activate them.

Thanks Mike, will recheck…

Update… Found them… wasn’t straight forward, a lot of version out there… ;)

The php_memcache is working fine but the php_apc results in the following error:

client denied by server configuration… Did I missed some configuration?

As a matter of interest, all other test sites generate apc-error, or a time out error… I guess php_apc require some work… (other test sites no yii related).