How To Instal Yii And Start Making My Own Ap


This is first time I am using Yii and first time I am using PHP framework. I have few quite noobish questions, and I would really appreciate if some one can help me out. Sorry for my bad English.

I want to build up my own site from the scratch with help of this framework.

I am working with WAMP. C:/wamp/www is the main path, and I want to create site called “test”. So the path would be C:/wamp/www/test. I want all my files that I create to be placed in folder “test”. Do I have to use yiic to create this folder ( site ) ? After I download Yii and unzip it, which files/folders I actually need in order to create my own site and where to put them ? Reading the guides I understood that I need framework folder and that I need to put it in C:/wamp/www. But what I have to do after that ? Let’s say I want to create file index.php inside my folder “test”, and I want to extend the main Yii controller class in it and write some code. Will I be able to do it ? What do I have to do in order to start coding and for example to use CRUD ? I was reading all tutorials for beginners, but they do not really helps me to understand how to instal and use Yii.



The first step is to add C:\wamp\www\yii\framework to your PATH environment variable. (So that you can run yiic.bat from anywhere).

The second step is to add the path to php to your path.

Then follow the guide.

Ok yes, but I do not want this application that Yii creates. I want to start from zero. Which files/folders I can delete, after the installation is done ?

Thanks for fast reply

Then start from zero, then. ;)

If you know how to do it.

Since I suspect that you don’t, please use the generator until you do.