how to include needed files in view

hello all,

This is a simple question but i cant find a solution,

for example

i want to use the kartik dialog in my js file

in my view i did put

use kartik\dialog\DialogAsset;


when i call it from the inside the js file(inside the document ready part from jquery)


KrajeeDialog.alert("Hold On! This is a Krajee alert!");

i got

TypeError: KrajeeDialog.alert is not a function

how can i resolve this.

thx in advance

Searching in doc:

I see that you have to call:

krajeeDialog.alert("Hold On! This is a Krajee alert!");

i used that to but then i got

ReferenceError: krajeeDialog is not defined

thats why i think some files are not loaded(js,css,…)

if i watch the loaded js files in firebug the dialog.js is loaded

start of file


  • @package yii2-dialog

  • @author Kartik Visweswaran <>

  • @copyright Copyright &copy; Kartik Visweswaran,, 2014 - 2016

  • @version 1.0.0

Just put the following code before calling the alert method.

echo Dialog::widget();

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Thx for answering my question, I did forgot about this question. It will serve for others who have the same problem.