How to implement select multiple listbox

Does activeListBox support implementation of a select MULTIPLE listbox?

Sure I can add an htmlOption for ‘multiple’ to go with activeListBox. This will give me a select multiple listbox in the form. However, the activeRecord class does not seem to support saving the array of selected values that returns with $_POST.

Maybe not suprising because it’s not clear how to store this array in MySQL (with a SET column maybe or as different rows in a HASMANY table)

Any hint?

Simple approach:

  1. Save selected values in a varchar column as comma separated string (‘15,23,45’)

  2. Add public virtual attribute to your AR (to be used as attribute for your dropdown):

 public $selection;

  1. afterFind(): explode your db column and put result into your virtual

public function afterFind() {



  1. beforeSave(): implode your selection

public function beforeSave() {



Oh, and don’t forget to make “selection” a safe attribute, while “dbcolumn” doesn’t have to be anymore.

Thanks Mike!

(although it took me some hours to find out that I had to add ‘return true’ to these functions to actually make it all work, but hey that’s how you learn stuff :) thanks again)

Heh, sorry, forgot that.

No problem at all. I’m glad you were at help.

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