How to Implement Ionic with YII2

I am planning to build an enterprise application with yii2 and Ionic 3 for Learning Management System (LMS).

I want create an Hybrid App, I mean. I want have:

a. Web app (Backend) - Yii2

b. Mobile app (Frontend) - Ionic

The backend will be used by the Admin to input some data and also to generate API that will be used by the Frontend (Ionic)

Still I am very newbie however. These are my questions:

  1. How would the architecture look like

  2. How do I generate the Yii2 Rest API

  3. How do I consume the API in Ionic

  4. Can I get a sample source code

Take a look at this project, it’s a starter app created by Ionic:

It’s a working demo that demonstrates several of the things you’re asking about, including consuming an API.

Everything you build in Ionic will need to be written in java script. Ideally your Yii web service should provide data in JSON. You’ll want to look at the file “src/providers/api/api.ts.” It’s a simple class written in java script that can consume a remote web service. It offers methods for get, post, put, delete, and patch.

Hi Folumike,

I suggest the latest hybrid app development via Google’s flutter!

For more info :

I did not know this Flutter, it seems to be nice, with the proposal of rapid development.

Have you had any experience with him Arockia Johnson SR ?