How to identify controller,view from url when using yii framework

I am new to yii framework, i have been using CodeIgniter, now i switched to yii framework.

My questions is how to identify controller or view from url? for example in codeigniter from url -localhost/projectname/controller/index we can identify controller and its function just like that I want to identify when using yii framework

I searched on google but dint get proper solution.

Please help me ou Waiting for help.

Thank you :)

I would suggest you to read the Definitive Guide to Yii… also you posted here in the Yii 1.1.x section, I suppose you would like to start learning the Yii 2.x version

Definitive Guide for Yii 1.1.x -

Definitive Guide for Yii 2.x -

Regarding your specific question check the documentation about controllers - (this is for the 2.x version)





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