How to identify backend URL?

Hi Yii community,

I have a bad situation, where one of my developers was in Nepal when the earthquake hit. I am keeping my fingers crossed for his safety.

For now he is out of contact, and I don’t know what the backend url of my site is. I need to access it to update the content of the site.

I tried /backend and /backend/web and any other ideas I had (admin, login etc). I know the backend is complete and the login information, but he just didn’t tell me the URL.

Unfortunately, I am only a front end developer, so I don’t know how the backend URL is generated. I have full access to the file directory. What files could I look in to see what the backend URL is?

Any help would be great, thank you.

Try to use url like, might it helps but i am not sure.

Thanks, I found it at /admin/login