How To Hide Other Tabs In Yii Bootstrap "togglable Tabs"

i am using Yii Bootstrap in my project. i am referring This link.

here i am using “Togglable tabs”. but when click on another tab it’s not hiding previously open tag and when i am loading my page all tabs showing together in one page.

is there any solution to hide all other tabs except current tab? or is there any other option to do this thing?

take a look of my code…

<?php $this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbTabs', array(

    'type'=>'tabs', // 'tabs' or 'pills'


        array('label'=>'Goal', 'content'=>$this->renderPartial('changePassword',array('model'=>$model)),'active'=>true),

        array('label'=>'Muscles', 'items'=>array(

            array('label'=>'Focus', 'content'=>''),

            array('label'=>'Not to Focus', 'content'=>''),


        array('label'=>'Schedule', 'items'=>array(

            array('label'=>'Days', 'content'=>$this->renderPartial('setting',array('model'=>$model)),'active'=>false),

            array('label'=>'Time', 'content'=>''),


        array('label'=>'Basic Details', 'content'=>$this->renderPartial('setting',array('model'=>$model)),'active'=>false),



)); ?>