How to handle “XMLHttpRequest” OPTIONS Pre-flight Request" in Yii1.1

I am newbie to yii and i am stuck with one issue in yii. This is my first topic in yii forum.

I have created REST API which uses HTTP basic Authentication with "Content-Type: application/json" using Yii1.1. I have tested it in Postman rest client, It works fine as i expect.

Here is the example of HTTP request:

POST /userApi/create HTTP/1.1


Authorization: Basic YoTrrTasdfsdfdfsdfs3VtYXI6QXNoaXA==

Content-Type: application/json










And it gives me expected response,


"customer_email": "",

"username": "test123",

"password": "dFcrYzl3TlhCM1g2SXNDZXRFeUp1dz09",

"customer_mobile": 9876543211,

"first_name": "test",

"created": "2017-03-10 20:54:33",

"user_id": "63"


So I hope there is not any issue with code.

Now when i am trying to integrate same thing in my code, it does not work as it should be.

My code is in simple javascript as below:

<button id="btnCreateUser" onclick="create_user();">Create User</button>

<script type="text/javascript">

function create_user(){

var data = JSON.stringify({

"customer_email": "",

"username": "test123",

"password": "12345678",

"pwd_comparison": 12345678,

"role_id": 2,

"customer_mobile": 9876543211,

"first_name": "test"


var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();

xhr.withCredentials = true;

xhr.addEventListener("readystatechange", function () {

if (this.readyState === 4) {



});"POST", "myhosting/userApi/create");

xhr.setRequestHeader("authorization", "Basic YoTrrTasdfsdfdfsdfs3VtYXI6QXNoaXA==");

xhr.setRequestHeader(‘Content-Type’, ‘application/json; charset=UTF-8’);




After running this code click on button "create user" to make request. (Make sure to keep developer tool inspect element to see the request in "Net" panel. (when i look at request in inspect it shows me "Request Method : OPTIONS", even though i am trying POST request, i did googling but didnt find appropriate solution)

  • My Issues are:

1)How to handle "OPTIONS" request in method in Yii1.1 ?

  1. How to use to apply filter like "isPostRequest or isGetRequest, generally i do for post/get requests, how it should be for OPTIONS request ?

  2. How to get requested params (which i passed using JSON in above example), generally i use below code to get posted json data using POST request:

$data = CJSON::decode(Yii::app()->request->getRawBody());

How it should be for OPTIONS request method ?

I am getting response like below,


"errors": {

&quot;username&quot;: [

  &quot;Username cannot be blank.&quot;


&quot;customer_email&quot;: [

  &quot;User Registration Email cannot be blank.&quot;


&quot;password&quot;: [

  &quot;Password cannot be blank.&quot;,

  &quot;Password cannot be blank.&quot;


&quot;pwd_comparison&quot;: [

  &quot;Repeat Password cannot be blank.&quot;,

  &quot;Repeat Password cannot be blank.&quot;




I know why it respond above because it doesnt get request params !

Can anyone tell me the solutions for my above queries ?

I appreciate your help. i spent to much time on this.

Note: i am using chrome browser.