how to give unique id to the there any way in cgridview

how to give unique id to the buttonssss…is there any way in cgridview

Can you explain your need as this is not a good practice… why would you give different IDs to every button?

for each element in CButtomCOlumn you have htmloptions… checkout class reference for more info

but what if you have to concatinate the row id in the buttonid

@mdomba as i want to open a fancybox on click of the view button .anyways is there anyway

you can use the URL instead … for example… for the view button there is the property viewButtonUrl - http://www.yiiframew…uttonUrl-detail

Here you can use $data to get the row id.

thanks mdomba…but this would increase the unnecessary effort…if there is not any way out i’ll go for it as i already did it but not tested properly

In button class you cannot get the current row ID because it does not evaluate an expression like it is done for the url… you could extend CButtonColumn and add that functionality… but IMO it is simpler to use the url…

ok thanks mdomba for replying the questionssssssssss…I’ll give it a try