How To Give Designing Related Task To Other User Without Revealing Controller And Model

hello friends,

We have developed a web app in yii

due to time issue, we have to give UI related task to other person outside our team

is it possible to give only view file that he can edit? i mean he can only read/write view folder but he should not know the inside of controller and models

if yes then please help us,

We badly need your help,

Thanks in advance :)

You can use ftp account for that. Just create ftp user with home folder set to required.

when he edit the view file then he can write something like file_get_contents to read the file inside model/controller

am i right?

Thanks for prompt reply :)

Yes, and also he’ll be able to include some code into views that will erase your DB.

Use other template engines if you don’t trust him this much. Or other people.