How to get webroot url

Yii::getPathOfAlias(‘webroot’) is return webroot path. How i can get webroot url?



This returns the root url (where the entry script is)

i want result like: localhost/… or… depending on where the web is hosted

So, you may use


to get an Absolute webroot url, and strip the http[s]://

thank you very much tof :D

hi, i have a url problem too.

my application is under: C:\xampp\htdocs\yii\basapp\protected

in protected folder, i create a folder named reports.

in the site/pages/about.php, i need to access the reports folder

i wrote something like this:

$url = Yii::app()->getBaseUrl(true) . ‘/reports’;

<a href=’<?php echo $url;?> '> reports </a>

but this link gaves me an error, unable to resolve this request.

how to solve this problem?

In this case,unable to resolve this request is because there is no reports controller found or under reports folder there is no index.php found.

See more details about Path Alias at

You can try to specify baseUrl in main.php as your want.