How to get name of Module

My url is : index.php?r=admin/default

Now I want get name of module admin in file config/main.php to mergeArray config ( such as: frontend.config.php, backend.config.php ).


I’m not sure, but in the index page, you can replace this :


with this one :

switch (strtolower(substr($_GET['r'],0,strpos($_GET['r'],'/'))))


	case 'admin';





Thanks for reply.

This is my code:

$settings = require(dirname(__FILE__).'/settings.php');

if( ( $arr = explode('/',$_GET['r']) ) && ( $arr[0] === 'admin' ) ) $settings = require(dirname(__FILE__).'/adminSettings.php');

return CMap::mergeArray(array(



But I realy dont want to use twice config, it means I want merge they.

I think that I should change value config in Controller file. Anything else?

Mb you want to merge urlManager component?