how to get json object and its values

Hi, I want to get all the values that is coming from an apiurl. how can i do so here using yii2.

public function actionSuggestions()


    $listingId = Yii::$app->request->get('listing_id');

    $apiUrl = ""

    $suggestions = file_get_contents($apiUrl);

    $suggestions = json_decode($suggestions, TRUE);

    return $this->render('suggestions' , array(

        'company_name' => $suggestions,

        'listingId' => $listingId,

        'suggestions' => $suggestions,



//In json format.


"tbl_supplierOrderDetails": [


  "num": 1,

  "user_id": 3496,

  "priority": "A.closed",

  "no_of_times": 5,

  "username": "eyuw",

  "company_name": "djff",

  "email": "",

  "contact_no": "9999999999",

  "origin": "abc",

  "dest": "xyz",

  "vehicle_class": "abc,

  "vehicle_type": "abc",

  "notes": "TCS_"


"tbl_userContactDetails": [


  "user_id": 500,

  "contact_name": "Mr abc",

  "contact_email": "",

  "contact_mobile": 9999999999,

  "contact_mobile2": null



Here is a good article explaining several ways to get data out of json structures.

This is just plain PHP, there are no YII specific issues.

On an unrelated noteā€¦

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