How to get a release number

I want to get a release number such as r1212 for 1.0.7. I just tried to get it in 'framework/YiiBase.php' but it has r1211 instead. Do we have a way to get such a number corresponded to 1.0.7?

Depending on the releasing process, the revision number you get from YiiBase.php may vary. Usually, it is one less than the official release number.

Yeah I guess so. Then, what I should do is that I do not care much about the correctness, as it may vary one or two.

FYI, followings is my small extension.


// @version $Id: YiiBase.php

class EyiiVersion {

  const ID = 'EyiiVersion';

  public static function getVersion() {


    if($value===false) {


      $fh = fopen($file, 'r');

      $flag = true;

      while(($rec = fgets($fh)) && $flag) {

        if (strpos($rec, '$Id:')) {

          $tok = split(' ', $rec);

          $value = $tok[5];

          $flag = false;




      Yii::app()->cache->set(self::ID, $value, 3600*24, new CFileCacheDependency($file));


    return $value;