How to "fuse" 2 or more tables

Hello guys,

I got a solution at the moment, where 2 tables are always needed together? --> best would be in 1 class / object. And im wondering if there exists a "best way" to do something like that.

Example: I got one table “post” and one table “translation”. In table “translation” are fields like ‘title’, ‘content’, ‘language_code’ … etc. and the “post” table contains things like create_time, update_time, status etc etc.

So as you can see … there will be absolutely no situation, where i just need one of the tables.

Ahh: there are other tables which use the "translation" table as well … in the same way (e.g. table "comment").

Maybe a join is the solution? But where to implement this? … sorry if all this is a stupid question, but im new to Yii.

Thanks in advance,


The chapter Relational Active Records in the Yii guide pretty much covers what you need.

Ahh, this looks like what I was looking for. Thanks a lot mate!