How to form inputs without db

hi, i want to create form without db like

DropDownList(Options) Textbox(width) Textbox(Height)

DropDownList2(Options) Textbox2(width) Textbox2(Height)

DropDownList10(Options) Textbox10(width) Textbox10(Height)

10 entries…

Dropdownlist options are:

2.5 => Option One

3 => Option Two

3.5 => OptionThree

the visitor is going to select DropDownList Options and then going to enter width and height…


Option One => 100 => 50

Option two => 80 => 50

when the visitor post the form, the action is going to calculate form like;

2.510050 + 38050…+…+…+ post10

how can i write the model…?

Could you use CFormModel? You can extend it like LoginForm that is generated by Gii.