How To Force Yii To Generate Valid Image Tag

As in the topic – how to force Yii, to generate <img> tag, that is valid and conforms HTML5 rules, that is – that is terminated with />, not just >?

Neither this:

<?php echo CHtml::image($path, 'Alt text', array




)); ?>

nor that:

<?php echo CHtml::tag('img', array



	'alt'=>'Alt text',



)); ?>

works. Yii in both cases generates this:

<img width="16" height="16" src="/appname/images/checkmark-guacamole.png" alt="Alt text">

that is – terminated with >, not with />.

What am I missing?

Check the actual source code of the page, not just the developer tools. Yii does generate the tag correctly by default, but the developer tools may alter it.


As an aside, the forward slash is not required in HTML 5 (although it is accepted) as HTML 5 isn’t a form of XML.

Thank you, Keith! Of course, you’re right! I was so devoted to using dev-tools, that I hasn’t been using Ctrl+U for ages! :]

I didn’t knew, that such things happens. What could be the purpose of changing real source code in dev tools? I can’t find any…

I got confused by Netbeans 7.4 marking this as an error (of course, when I wrote <img> tag directly, not when I used CHtml:tag). Didn’t know, that HTML5 doesn’t require ending single-tags. Good to know.

Thanks and have a great weekend!